About us . . .

Truly Senti Metal is a teeny tiny company, which specialises in creating beautiful and sentimental pieces of jewellery, gifts and keepsakes.  

We love quotes and lovely words, we love quirky jewellery, and we love reasonable prices! Every letter is individually stamped by hand, which adds real character to the pieces we create - and makes each one as unique as the person wearing it!

Because the letters and designs are stamped by hand, there are always minor imperfections in the spacings and levels of the text and it is precisely this that gives these pieces their individual quality - a quirkiness that you cannot get with engraved jewellery. These quirks show the recipient that their item wasn't mass produced, it was made with love!

We use aluminium for our stamped products, which is both lightweight enough for everyday wear, and is also hypoallergenic so should be suitable for even the most sensitive of skins, and best of all it is a fraction of the cost of silver . . . but just as lovely!

If you have something in mind that you would like made, please do get in touch with us - we will be able to design something to your specifications and at a price that will pleasantly surprise you!